Volkstanzgruppe St. Martin im Sulmtal

Founded in 1974 the Volkstanzgruppe (VTG) St. Martin i. S. aims to preserve Styrian tradition, songs, dances, music and theatre. The group takes part in the cultural life of the region and is interested in any cultural exchange.
Numerous tours took the VTG not only across Europe but also to the Far East and North America. Folk groups from many nations visited by us were hosted in our home village St. Martin i. S.


Dances: Our dancers perform dances of the Alpine countries, mainly Austrian dances. 
The „Ölspurplattler der Volkstanzgruppe“ (a group of young boys and men performing the typical Schuhplattler-dances) then the „Sulmtaler Gelbfüßler“ (a young traditional band) and a choir (‘Chor der VTG) belong to our group too.
Men of our group crack whips and have dedicated themselves to a sword dance of minors and the flag waving as well. In 1998 the VTG organized the 7th International Meeting of Flag Wavers in St. Martin i. S. and in 2004 the group was the organizer of an International Sword Dance Festival.
After a break of 10 years the actors of our group (‘VTG Bühne’, www.vtgbuehne.at) have been successfully back on stage again since 1994.

Traditional costume

Our women wear the so-called ‘Sulmtaler Festtagstracht’, a dress made of silk- or wool brocade, a silk apron and a small handmade cap with ribbons.
Our men dress in traditional leather trousers, grey stockings, white embroidered shirts and a green ‘Stainzer’ jacket.  
From its many and diverse activities the VTG St. Martin i. S. has achieved a very good reputation at home and abroad. Along with the group the name ‘St. Martin i. S.’ has become well-known in many countries, arousing the interest of many in visiting this lovely area in the western part of Styria. 

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